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Anything worthwhile begins with a sense of purpose that gives the endeavor meaning. The reason or purpose behind something is generally what gives it life as it stirs within someone until they step out and make it happen.

LittleWhiteChurch1Making positive meaningful change is generally at the heart of such endeavors and an organization’s core-values, mission and purposes are established from this idea. After all, who wants to do something or be a part of something that isn’t making meaningful changes? But, just having a reason to do something doesn’t mean it will actually get done; someone has to drive it forward and others have to follow. It has been said that, “People don’t just follow a man; they follow a man with a vision”. It was this sense of purpose burning in the heart of our Victory Churches International founders Drs George & Hazel Hill that birthed this bold and audacious vision that we refer to as,”The Victory Movement”.

From the humble beginnings of this movement in a small white church building in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada to an international apostolic organization is a reflection of this bold and audacious vision. Through leadership, partnership, covenant, commitment, sacrifice and creativity the Victory movement has reached incredible goals in its brief forty-year history. This bold and audacious vision became the lifeblood of momentum for everyone who came alongside and put their hands to this good work. We celebrate this forty-year milestone together, not as our final destination, but as a point of crossing over to the next phase of our vision.

It has become obvious that our purpose to, “Reach, Teach and Mobilize” is a Biblical principle that works as well today as it did in the Book of Acts. After all it’s the pattern that Jesus set down with His very first disciples as He called out, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19) Dr. George Hill recently said to me, “If you want to help people for eternity, you have to plant churches”.  Helping people for eternity is what’s behind the burning sense of purpose that took us around the world from a small humble building on the prairies of western Canada. It’s also what will drive us forward generation after generation as we pursue our bold and audacious vision. Our next forty years will be greater than our first forty years because we have a generational vision to take it there.


Pastor Morris Watson
VCC / VCI Vice-President