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I was not raised in the church. When I came to Christ, I just read my bible to formulate my ideas about being a Christian. I saw things in black and white terms and as I read, I understood that I needed to let Jesus be my new boss and be ready to die for my faith. When Jesus asked us to go, to leave our home, and take our four children to a Bible School, the decision was easy and we set out in a new direction.

tenet03 I experienced for the first time a certain cultural attitude towards women and the role that they should play. It was not overt, but we could pick up subtle cues about these societal expectations. I thought I was immersed amongst the experts who knew better than I about all things pertaining to godliness.

Despair began to set in as I absorbed the expectation I saw for women. Piano playing, tidy hair, no make up, in the background, support roles, quiet, no opinions, happy, tidy, and gentle kids. She smiles admiringly at her husband all day, asking him questions in the privacy of their home. She then works outside of the home to support his call to ministry. 

I play the guitar, have fuzzy and wild hair, love makeup, being in the front lines, very opinionated, prone to melancholy, artistically messy, and have scrappy opinionated kids. I’m sometimes prickly and easily annoyed with a deep desire for authenticity. I struggle with the idea of “faking it”. A war soon ensued between my need for authenticity and what I thought was required to simply serve God. I was doomed to fake or fail. This catch 22 triggered a major depression in me. 

Our first time to a Victory Church was a breath of healing air. I sensed the freedom that Christ and His Holy Spirit meant for me.I heard Dr. Hazel say that when people tried to put her into a stereotypical box, that she would just “pop out the other side”.

I gradually settled it in my heart that it is good to be a woman in ministry.It is good to be the “me” that He designed me to be. I am called by the Lord and that settles it.He loves me as much as He loves my husband and I am a big player in God’s plan for this world!


Pastor Terri-Lynn Murphy
Regina Victory Church
Regina, SK



A book by Dr. Hazel Hill
Victory World Missions Director

This book forever answers the question, “Can a woman minister?” and clears the way for women all over the world to fulfill the call God has placed on their lives.

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