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Friday, 28 July 2017 21:26

August 2017 - Victory Life Skills Programs

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01 The Victory Life Skills program is one way that we are changing the world by making a lasting impact in the lives of people. This program helps put tools in the hands of people so that they are enabled to build a better future for themselves.

The life skills program at the Victory Children’s Home in Kisumu, Kenya, run by Garth Storms is a great example of what these programs can do. By giving the children at the home the opportunity to learn a skill like mechanics, carpentry, tile work, welding, farming, animal husbandry and sewing, we are giving them the ability to build the best future they can for themselves.

We want to be able to duplicate this program in as many nations around the world as we can. To date we have Life Skills programs in a few nations. In India we have had sewing schools that have been running for many years and have literally saved the lives of many women. 02 By teaching them to sew, they have been able to make money to help pay their dowry’s and avoid bride burnings which are a common custom if a bride’s family are unable to pay their daughters dowry.

And in Rwanda Mama Grace has just started a sewing school and a hair dressing school for people in the community. This will help people learn a skill that will enable them to provide for their families and in turn, they will be able to teach their children a skill as they grow as well. Contributing to a better future for the entire community.

We are now looking to also start a trade school at our facility in Rwanda. This is an amazing opportunity for someone with a background as a skilled laborer or tradesman who would be willing to go and start this new ministry. We are looking for someone with leadership skills, with a ground breaking spirit, someone with the ability to teach and train others in a trade and someone with a heart for the mission field. 03If you feel this is you and you feel God calling you to this ministry, then contact us today. You can call 403-286-8337 or you can email | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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