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Wednesday, 05 December 2018 15:15

December 2018 - Victory Missions Trips

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Jesus said, “Go into ALL the world…” and that is exactly what VCI Missions is doing. It is our desire to see EVERY Pastor and EVERY church member go on a short-term mission’s trip. Short-term missions are an excellent way of becoming educated about the needs of others and what we can do to help the disadvantaged.

Some of these needs are homes for widows and orphans, feeding programs, schools for children and life skills programs for adults, health care programs and building projects, planting churches and teaching in Bible Colleges. But the biggest need of all is hands, hands to do the work. For the harvest is ready, but the laborers are few.

As you look to a new year, we want to challenge you to make it your goal to plan a short-term mission’s trip with your church, your small group, your youth group, or even just as an individual. There are endless possibilities, but here are a few for you to keep in mind:

Mexico Missions Base

The Missions Base in Ensenada Mexico is always a great place to start if you have never been on a mission’s trip. There are lots of ministry opportunities all year round, such as children’s ministry and outreaches, feeding programs for those living in the dump or the migrant workers camp.

All-Afro Conference

Also, in February, Victory Churches of Kenya will be hosting an All-Afro Conference. This conference will bring together leaders from all Victory Nations in Africa as well Pastors and leaders from Canada and the USA. If you would like to join the conference, we can always use volunteers to help with all the details of putting on a large conference. From here teams can travel back to any of our African nations to help minister alongside the leaders and change the lives of people in Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda and many more nations.

Missions Zambia

In August there will be a joint mission’s trip to Zambia with Pastor Deon Malloy from Toronto, Ontario and a team from the UK. These two teams will meet in Zambia and travel the nation, preaching teaching and ministering in Bible Colleges, children’s homes and schools all over the nation. This is also an open trip to anyone who would like to join!

Long-Term Missions

As well as short-term missions’ trips, we are also looking for individuals who have a heart for long-term missions. People with skills that they can teach to others. People with a heart to work with children in our children’s homes or retired teachers who would like to travel and teach in schools. Doctors and Nurses, who would like to take a month or more and go work in a children’s home or a community to help provide medical care to those who can’t afford it.

Our vision of Reach-Teach-Mobilize, includes Leadership Development, church expansion and world missions and all of these are accomplished on the mission field. Why not come help with a church plant! There are new churches being started in nations all over the world! We also need teachers and pastors who can come teach in our international Bible Colleges, training up the next generation of leaders.

For more information on these projects or any other projects that VCI Missions is involved in, you can contact our office at:

Ph: 403-286-837 or by emailing
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