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Tuesday, 24 March 2020 19:39

April 2020, Crisis Leadership

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Four things we must know in order to grow and lead through times of crisis:

1) Know that beyond the crisis God has a sovereign plan
In the book of Acts the apostle Paul was always either going into a crisis or coming out of a crisis, but through each one God gave a solution that brought advancement and revival. We must focus on what we are going to, not what we are going through. Winston Churchill said, “If you are going through hell - keep going!

2) Be the kind of people God can lead through the crisis, not the kind trying to escape
There many spiritual Houdini’s always trying to find an easy way out of the crisis. The three Hebrew children refused to compromise their faith in order to escape from their crisis. Instead they let God accomplish His purpose and then bring them through it. In doing so, the fiery trial burned off their bondages, revealed the power of the Living God, and moved the king to promote them. (Dan 3:13-30)

3) Our trust is not in knowing how God will deliver us, but in knowing that He will deliver us
We always want to know how God is going to deliver us, and we always seem to get it wrong. The principle that my wife and I live by is: “We will do our best and trust God for the rest.” After you have done everything that biblical wisdom and knowledge demands - trust in nothing but God. There are two kinds of cares: there is the care of diligence which is the good one; then there is the care of distrust which leads to anxiety, depression, and bad decisions. (Phil 4:6-8)

4) Keeping the right heart attitude will keep you moving in the right direction
Joseph is a great example of someone who kept his heart right, even though what happened to him wasn’t fair and wasn’t right. He never stopped trusting God and giving his best. It was when he used his gift of interpretation to help others, that he was released from prison and promoted to the palace. Many people get locked up in a prison of regret and are unable to go on with God. Stay free from resentment and bitterness. Deal with it or it will deal with you. There are two words you should never use again: ‘IF ONLY.’ These words focus you on your past. Instead, learn to replace them with: ‘NEXT TIME’. Next time I will get up. Next time I will stand up, shut up, speak up, pay up. These two words focus you on the future, and give you hope and courage to get up and go on with your life.

The more you know the Planner the more you will trust the plan!

You have to get to the place where you know that God can be trusted with your life and your future! Neither the Devil nor the circumstances are in control of my life. God is! Even if I don’t understand everything that is happening. Many times, my wife and I have said, “It doesn’t seem right, or just, or fair, but God we trust you!!” (Rom 8:28)

Your future is worth fighting for! And your future is not just about you - it’s about all of those who can be helped and reached for Christ by you.

Looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ! (Titus 2:13)

DrGeorgeLeadershipLGDr. George Hill
President & Founder
Victory Churches International